HPE X F1 Mercedes

This is the first in a series of Sponsorship films for HPE imagining a world where whatever you needed simply (magically!) appears for you – right when you need it. Need coffee? Boom! Wardrobe change? Bam! Want your earbuds? Thwip! Well, that’s kinda like what HPE technology provides for Mercedes (Want data and intelligence right now? Kapow!). It’s what helps make them one of the most successful Formula 1 teams in history. We flew to the UK to shoot with Sir Lewis Hamilton and the team in a huge warehouse with dozens of heritage F1 cars. Watch as everything conjures for Lewis as he walks to his car for a test run. Since it’s the first in a series, please check back for the next one!

Stellar x Moneygram Case Study

We teamed back up with our friends at Stellar to partner on a new case study film. This time we headed out to Dallas, Texas, ate way too much barbecue and pointed our lenses towards the good folks with Moneygram international. Stellar and Moneygram are teaming up to allow users to send money globally, protect against market volatility, and convert digital dollars to local currency at MoneyGram locations worldwide.

Skycar Featured Twice in Adobe’s ‘Make It Happen’ Series

For the Make it Happen series, we filmed a quick opening that introduced Skycar Creative before getting into Arley and Eunha’s stories. We shot in the lovely Point Richmond, and Skycar Creative HQ, which included some of our awesome team members; although sadly none of the shop dogs were included.


Here’s designer Eunha Choi sharing how she mixes contradictory elements in Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator in order to create surreal scenes using only AdobeStock assets.


And here we feature animator and illustrator Arley Cornell as he reveals some of his favorite Adobe After Effects tricks for making organic 2d art come alive through animation.


We made this video showcasing designer Anny Chen as she creates a piece of art for the Adobe Creative Cloud x Coca-Cola campaign #CokexAdobexYou.

Coca-Cola and Adobe invite you to create a work of art celebrating sport, movement, strength, and unity using Adobe Creative Cloud tools. For every entry they are donating money to the Tokyo Special Olympics.


Adobe Make It Talk Show

We’re excited to see our Intro & Outro animations in new episodes of Adobe’s Make It series. As an Adobe production, the talk show features artists and professionals who have used Creative Cloud tools in their specialized field whether in photography, design or video.

Part of our task in animating these Intros and Outros was to reflect these different fields in relation to the featured artists. Another consideration was to incorporate images and color themes that would correspond to different Creative Cloud tools depending on the episode.

Here’s an episode featuring Keetra Dean Dixon:

Pure Storage: Flashster

Pure Storage likes to have a little fun and poke at their competitors along the way – and some dating apps are pretty easy to make fun of too. We wrote this script in a very short time frame (one day!) and got some super talented actors from our friends at JE Talent to shoot with us. This fancy arcade was built in their corporate offices in Mountain View; crazy what a little black light and neon tape can do.