Moving picture studio focused on cinematic
live action & design-driven graphics.

  • Andy Miller

    EP / Head of Production

    Andy Miller

    Andy is an award winning filmmaker who has been making beautiful documentary content with major brands and social impact clients for years. He’s a California native with limitless energy and optimism – with a ‘can do’ for any situation. Oh, but please don’t ask him to wear white socks.

  • Holly Dubkoff

    Lead Editor

    Holly Dubkoff

    Holly is a natural born editor. Her years at NY and LA agencies certainly contributed to her awesome storytelling instincts and how insanely fast she works. Holly is a warm-hearted person who hates overly warm weather but loves people and pets. Holly and her dog Ziggy start and end their work days finding the best cat memes.

  • Angela Wong

    Design Director

    Angela Wong

    Angela is an art director, designer, and illustrator specializing in Motion Graphics. When she’s not developing beautiful art she’s hunting criminal snails in her lovely vegetable garden. If you’re in need of the best fried chicken spots in the Bay Area, ask Angela.

  • Tommy Shin

    Creative Producer

    Tommy Shin

    Tommy Shin is a sharp creative producer from Honolulu, HI, who has cut his teeth at several agencies in LA while earning an MFA in Film and Television. Whether on the field or smashing long balls at the range, you can spot him desperately, precisely dodging all insects as they are “deeply unacceptable beings”.

  • Jenna Arnold-King

    Creative Producer

    Jenna Arnold-King

    With a background in helping projects go off without a hitch in fields as varied as tech, design, film, and marketing, Jenna Arnold-King is a consummate team player who thrives on empowering creative ideas. Everyone at Skycar benefits from Jenna’s super-positive, can-do vibe, and her little dog, Ollie, is an added benefit.


  • James Curtis

    Lead Animator

    James Curtis

    James is a super talented keyframe slinger, drone designer and pilot. He refuses to reveal his secret source for Korean BBQ Kettle chips and seems to have never had a bad day – it’s the weirdest thing.

  • Elsie Duarte-Franco

    Operations Coordinator

    Elsie Duarte-Franco


    Elsie Duarte-Franco wields her Master of Library and Information Science degree to keep Skycar operations organized and efficient. She’s committed to telling stories of disenfranchised communities and exposing bias in systems while also being a mom of chickens who loves a good cardigan.

  • Monica Hyde


    Monica Hyde

    Monica hails from Sydney, Australia where she learned on a fast track how to become a powerhouse of a producer. As a big formula 1 fan, fast is probably the only way that makes sense!  She has an impressive green thumb, and you’ll see on zoom a growing collection of happy houseplants multiply behind her and love her as much as she loves them.

  • Aaron Barry

    Creative Director / Founder

    Aaron Barry

    Aaron builds and leads creative projects for Fortune 100 companies and global agencies, conceptualizing and art directing in styles ranging from cel animation, to comedy, to CG-integrated live-action. One of his lifelong fears is encountering expired dairy products at close range.

  • Christine Murphy

    Head of Creative Partnerships

    Christine Murphy

    Christine has a lifelong obsession with the way stories connect people; narratives are her jam. She parlayed that passion into various roles working on television and film projects in LA and San Francisco. She also loves coaching her kids’ sports teams, which means she’s laser focused, always prepared, and can help us see where we need to be as our head of creative partnerships.

  • Jane Selle Morgan

    Director / Founder

    Jane Selle Morgan

    Jane has been directing web films, commercials, documentary shorts and comedic pieces since the late 90’s; which is saying something because she’s not a guy. She’s also run production companies since 1999. She works hard to make people laugh on set whether it’s a comedy or not. She also loves golf, which she finds as weird as you do.