HPE Noir

It wasn’t originally conceived as so, but each of the HPE Comedy films were so well received that we got an order for another one. For episode 3 we had to set up a huge problem; our writer Joe Morgan conceived a chance to visit the world of 1940 Noir to help illustrate the problem. The talented cast had no problem stepping back in time, and we even got a new cast member to play Rex, a fantastic addition to the team. We loved creating this whole series, who knows, maybe there’s an episode 4?


Pure Storage: Flashster

Pure Storage likes to have a little fun and poke at their competitors along the way – and some dating apps are pretty easy to make fun of too. We wrote this script in a very short time frame (one day!) and got some super talented actors from our friends at JE Talent to shoot with us. This fancy arcade was built in their corporate offices in Mountain View; crazy what a little black light and neon tape can do.