Adobe Stock

During Adobe MAX 2022 week, we wanted to share a collab we did with the crew at Adobe Stock. They invited us to create three animated “fantastic voyages” using only stock assets (video, images, illustrations, textures, and 3D) from their vast libraries. Each journey took our team to unexpected and inspired places – see where they take you!



Here, we build a journey through a day, from dawn to dusk, across natural and city landscapes.



A series of portals pull us into ever more unexpected scenes filled with beautiful juxtapositions.


For this adventure, we play with perceptions of scale as we travel through air, water, a fungal forest, and finally lift off into the beyond.

Stellar Case Study #4 – Wyre

In the fourth installment of our Case Study series with Stellar we stuck close to home to feature the ascendant team at Wyre. We shot right here in San Francisco and it was great to get out from behind the Zoom windows to all collaborate in person. Check out the clip to learn how Wyre, a crypto infrastructure provider with a full suite of APIs, empowers worldwide businesses to easily and safely build on Stellar with USDC.

Meta Climate Series

Earth Day began in 1970, but 52 years later it’s become less of a nice concept and more of a powerful reminder: it’s time to genuinely orient around the earth and the important facts about climate change, not just talk about it.

Last summer, we began making a series of short films for Meta in which we profiled three inspiring stories of people fighting climate change. The series took us all over the map, starting with a remote shoot in Bali, followed by a visit to the east coast to shoot in Maine, and ending with an overseas trip to Jamaica. In each case were were amazed by the women we met and the profound difference each of them is making. We loved making these little films and hope that others get to see these incredible women for their kind hearts and courageous actions.

On Earth Day, Meta put Mikaela’s video front and center. Watch the full series below.