2022 Skycar Creative Showreel

2022 was a tour-de-force of a year moving out of the chaos of the early 20’s and into new realms and new promise. Our year found us animating fantastical landscapes for Adobe Stock in a 3 spot series, shooting in Istanbul and other far flung places for Stellar, making a comedy series and brand film for HPE and editorial on beautiful films about Alaska Native Art for Fine Arts Museums of SF. Oh and a giant whiteboard called Vibe kept us really busy too! It was a wonderful year of expansion including new team members and new clients. We feel incredibly fortunate to do this work and are beyond grateful to those who trust us with their projects and those we trust to make it happen with us. Here’s to 2023 – another year to have fun making cool stuff! :tada:

HPE Noir

It wasn’t originally conceived as so, but each of the HPE Comedy films were so well received that we got an order for another one. For episode 3 we had to set up a huge problem; our writer Joe Morgan conceived a chance to visit the world of 1940 Noir to help illustrate the problem. The talented cast had no problem stepping back in time, and we even got a new cast member to play Rex, a fantastic addition to the team. We loved creating this whole series, who knows, maybe there’s an episode 4?


Stellar x Moneygram

We teamed up with the crew at Stellar to help launch their new partnership with Moneygram International. With the MoneyGram and Stellar partnership, digital wallet holders can now buy and withdraw USDC in cash at MoneyGram locations around the world. We shot locally in Oakland, CA and not so locally in Bali, Indonesia to bring this story to life.

Gnoël – a Skycar original film

Itʻs that time of year, we love the holidays, right? We love it until we find ourselves in the garage lost in the boxes of January disregard. But we must get these lights on the house, we must persevere. Luckily for Mateo he has some unexpected help.


Director – Aaron Barry 

Executive Producer – Jane Selle Morgan 

Producer – Tommy Shin 

Head of Production – Andy Miller

DP – Jason Joseffer 

VFX Supervisor – James Curtis

Art / Swing – Claire Lilly

Drone – James Curtis 

Location Manager – Murray

Talent – Noe Flores 

Editor – Holly Dubkoff 

Color – Calvin Luu 

VFX – James Curtis, Mike McAfee

Sound Design – Will Berridge 

Music Composition – Charlie Hernández 

Title Graphics – Angela Wong 

FAMSF Alaska Native Art

We recently wrapped up a months long collaboration with the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco to lead post-production on a 5-part documentary series on Alaska Native Art. We steeped ourselves in the raw footage, the sounds, the scenery and the history of Alaska native people, in order to create 5 films that truly honor this rich cultural history. It features the contributions of artists and cultural practitioners from across Alaska. We are grateful for each person’s participation and guidance: Qaĝaalakux̂, Quyana, Gunalchéesh, Haw’aa, Quyanaq, Thank you.

To view the complete film series and online story, please visit: FAMSF.org



Adobe Stock

During Adobe MAX 2022 week, we wanted to share a collab we did with the crew at Adobe Stock. They invited us to create three animated “fantastic voyages” using only stock assets (video, images, illustrations, textures, and 3D) from their vast libraries. Each journey took our team to unexpected and inspired places – see where they take you!



Here, we build a journey through a day, from dawn to dusk, across natural and city landscapes.



A series of portals pull us into ever more unexpected scenes filled with beautiful juxtapositions.


For this adventure, we play with perceptions of scale as we travel through air, water, a fungal forest, and finally lift off into the beyond.

Stellar Case Study #4 – Wyre

In the fourth installment of our Case Study series with Stellar we stuck close to home to feature the ascendant team at Wyre. We shot right here in San Francisco and it was great to get out from behind the Zoom windows to all collaborate in person. Check out the clip to learn how Wyre, a crypto infrastructure provider with a full suite of APIs, empowers worldwide businesses to easily and safely build on Stellar with USDC.