Amplitude Brand Video

With the help of jibs, dollies, and probe lenses we helped visualize breaking out of the “black box” of user experience data for Amplitude. Watch how we brought light into the darkness.



And if you’re curious how we made it, we put together this video of all the behind the scenes action:

Adobe Premiere Gen Ai

Here’s another crazy cool batch of generativeAI features that we helped Adobe announce recently. With an insane turnaround time, we shot a heist-type film scene to show off what the new tools will do. Fellow filmmakers should appreciate some of the quick new ways you can now actually ‘fix it in post’.


Skycar x Adobe MAX 2023

We recently had two animations feature in the keynote at Adobe MAX. The Skycar team joined in person to watch the work on the big (HUGE!) screen and to take in all the excitement.


Our team pulled off the (nearly) impossible with this 2D and 3D mixed animation for Scott Belsky’s keynote address, designed by the talented Marco Mueller. We delivered at the 11th hour and got to see Scott nail the live VO in person at MAX.


Our Lightroom sizzle featured in the MAX Keynote and successfully had 10,000 people singing ‘it’s about to get real good’ for the remainder of the day.


Our Firefly ‘greatest hits’ sizzle hit just in time for MAX to show off all the killer new Firefly capabilities.

Stellar x Moneygram

We teamed up with the crew at Stellar to help launch their new partnership with Moneygram International. With the MoneyGram and Stellar partnership, digital wallet holders can now buy and withdraw USDC in cash at MoneyGram locations around the world. We shot locally in Oakland, CA and not so locally in Bali, Indonesia to bring this story to life.