Adobe: Document and Marketing Identity

We were given the chance to bring the Marketing and Document Cloud logos to life – as well as an invitation to the Adobe basement with 2 projectors. This is what we built.



Behind the scenes:

The set for our projections.
Close up of the projection mapping.
Dylan Roscover, Animator.
Aaron, Creative Director.
Jane, Director.
Kyle McKee, Production Coordinator



Stills taken by Manuel Reta (Producer).

Skycar Featured in Creative Planet Network

Our series ‘Depth of Field’ for Adobe Creative Cloud was covered by Creative Planet Network. “We wanted the audience to have a personal glimpse into pivotal moments and process from real artists. We also wanted them to experience the visual possibilities with stock and feel inspired to go out and make something cool,” says Skycar creative director and co-founder Aaron Barry.

Click here to read the full article.

Skycar’s Cinemagraph Project

The idea behind creating our cinemagraphs was to produce something unique to represent each member of the Skycar team (including the extraordinary shop dog, Domino).

It was also super fun to make these — here are our thoughts on them:


Skycar_Creative_Aaron_Barry_Creative_DirectorAaron: Am I running AWAY from something or TO something? Both, actually. Always and constantly…both.


Skycar_Creative_Kyle_McKee_CoordinatorKyle: This cinemagraph allowed me to give an outdated piece of useless technology life again. We bonded and made this pretty picture.


Manuel: On some days I wonder… What is the melting point of my hand?


Skycar_Creative_Jane_EP_DirectorJane: And where are the clowns? Send in the clowns. Don’t bother, they’re here.


Jasper: This was shot in our local cafe across the street from our office. I was reading a long and difficult book at the time and I thought it might be funny to see myself turning an endless amount of pages.

A special thanks to Sarah Lamond who put all of these together in post-production!