• Jane Selle Morgan

    Jane Selle Morgan has been in production as an EP and Director for 17+ years. She ran a production company in Seattle, creating comedic work for Microsoft,, and among others before moving to LA to focus on directing spots and online content. Jane relocated to the Bay Area in 2011 and worked as a Director/EP until joining forces with Aaron Barry to start Skycar Creative in 2014. As a director, Jane’s specialty is in comedy and heartfelt cinematic spots. She is best known for directing the first season of the smash hit online series ‘The Guild’ which during six seasons garnered over 300 million views.

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  • Aaron Barry

    Aaron is a Bay Area native who has been designing and directing digital content and media since 1999. He has built and led creative teams for clients like Adobe, Clif Bar,, and Yahoo!. Aaron is concept-driven and uses strong design and unexpected cinema techniques to blur the line between what's real and what's created. Aaron is well-versed in all forms of visual storytelling, from narrative cinema to 3D animation to film-quality VFX. He obsesses about ideas, communicating them to the right audience, and executing them with strategic design and technical precision.

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