After the Meeting (A Shelter-At-Home Movie)

It’s April 2020, deep in the COVID Shelter-In-Place order. Kids are trapped in their homes and parents are stuck in little virtual meeting boxes all day. Skycar Creative Director Aaron Barry had a fun and challenging idea for a short film. So, he worked out the details with his wife, bribed the kids to act in it (nine scenes over two and a half days), and his oldest son composed and performed the music. Hope you enjoy!

The Complete Picture Project

Rebecca Grace is a filmmaker, an activist, and a close friend of Skycar. About a year ago, she started “Complete Picture,” a foundation with a crucial mission: to help people reduce prison time and keep their families together. Complete Picture makes films to help overburdened (and underfunded) public defenders tell the full story of people who have committed a crime but still await sentencing. Her films provide judges with valuable context: they can see the defendants as a valuable part of a family and the broader community. Over the past year, Grace’s five films have achieved a collective prison time reduction of 184 months.

When we saw Rebecca pouring her heart, soul, and thousands of hours into this work, we decided to make a film about her films (meta!) to help bring the foundation to the attention of potential funders.

Visit the Complete Picture website:


Earth Day PSA

On Earth Day 2020 we helped Trust for Public Land with a video that helps underscore the urgent importance of outdoor spaces – all the time, especially during a pandemic. This video was made for their campaign #everyonedeservesapark. Across the country, more than 100 million people — a third of us, including 28 million kids — don’t have a park within a 10-minute walk of home. Emergencies like this just go to show that in too many communities, parks and accessible natural areas are still considered a privilege, when they should be available to all. The Trust for Public Land is working hard every day to bring parks and green spaces to where they’re needed most.