Skycar 2020 Year in Review

2020. Unforgettable. It was many things, critically important, life altering, transformative and also, of course devastating. Our hearts break for the loss of life and financial hardships on so many of our friends and families, members of our communities. We are also grateful for the social upheaval that points to critical changes that need to happen in order to usher in a more fair and just world. Skycar pledged 1% of our profits to important work that reflects this value, with funds going to groups like the Bail Project, BLM, Direct Relief, Richmond Emergency Food Pantry, Complete Pictures as well as other environmental groups.

Stellar Case Study

We partnered with Nigerian and Parisian film crews to capture footage for a company that we are excited to work with, the Stellar Development Foundation. We zoomed in the dead of night to direct the crews and witness these beautiful places thanks to robust Wifi, coffee and fancy technology. It’s a new world, very small, and surprisingly productive.

IPO Closing Video for Luminar

We had the great pleasure of making the IPO Closing Video for Luminar Technologies. It was a really epic collaboration online c19-style involving upward of 12 artists/ animators/ editors and production team telling the story of their lidar enabled autonomous driving. It was so much fun to work with the Luminar marketing team, they are truly phenomenal people. Excited to see these cars coming out in 2022!

Dream It, Design It

We set a Skycar record recently with the number of deliveries for this very cool series of films/tutorials. For this Dream It, Design It series, we produced 96 distinct deliveries. 96! I know, right? Emotion Studios shot this beautiful footage that we cut together for the opening of the main films, and our LARGE team of animators jammed on these in a synchronous dance of revisions and deliveries. Shoutout to Sade McDougal, a new producer on our team who managed this entire effort along with our Senior Producer Andy Miller, and James Curtis, our Senior Animator leading the charge.


Design a poster with Laci Jordan (full series below)


Design a brand system with Javier Garcia (full series below)

MAX 2020

For the launch of Illustrator on the iPad, Adobe asked us to make a short film for their MAX conference Keynote. We set out to show how Illustrator on the iPad could unleash imagination and joy onto even an empty pandemic world. The smokey orange days and intense COVID filming restrictions pushed the creative in ways that wound up really serving the story. The whimsical art of Jhonny Núñez was such a fun palette to transform the streets of San Francisco.

Kūlia Skincare – Founder Film

One of our favorite projects of the year. Not just because we shot in Hawaii and managed to get there right before COVID shut it all down, and not because months later we pulled off a distanced shoot against all odds in the middle of a pandemic with our protagonist swimming in the middle of a freezing cold bay on an empty city day. Not even because she gifted us beautiful products for thirsty skin. Nope. It was Jasmine’s story that made us love this film. The chance to tell a story of an amazing woman who found a way to heal herself and is now gifting the world with her beautiful products. That’s why. Ok, maybe Hawaii WAS part of it, but for now please enjoy a trip to Hawaii and let’s celebrate the launch of Kūlia!