Little Point Richmond Trailer

In the sleepy neighborhood of Point Richmond, CA, dozens of tiny fairy houses emerge from tree trunks, flower boxes, and front yards. The artist behind these miniature homes makes them as surprise gifts for his neighbors. In turn, the art helps heal his depression and bring the community together.

Coming April 2020. Check out the trailer in the meantime!

Clorox Electro

We had a blast creating a sizzle reel for Clorox’s in-house creative studio, Electro, to show at the IHAF Awards. We went to their Oakland headquarters to film their creatives in action as they developed packaging, print ads, and digital campaigns for their 40-plus brands. The sizzle reflects both the wide variety of Clorox products and the joy and creativity of the people who work there. Plus, a bonus: we now have LOTS of recipes for cooking with Ranch dressing!

Skycar Turns 5 and Expands Its Studio!

For Skycar’s 5th anniversary, our dear friend Emi Takahara brought in local artist Andy Vogt to create a piece of his signature artwork for our expanded space. Hand crafted from dozens of pieces of reclaimed wall lathe, it creates an unexpected 3D illusion. Wood is also supposed to be the 5th anniversary gift, representing strength and durability. Here’s to our first five years – and many more!

Welcome to Lil’ Skycar!

We were fairy-bombed! Late last week, in the dead of night the faeries of Washington Avenue erected their very own film company right outside of our door! Little Skycar is the newest addition to a very prominent community of fairy houses in Point Richmond. The founder of this small community, a local comic book artist has been working with us on a film about Little Point Richmond, which is coming soon. Now that the faeries have an HQ, production should speed up! 

Medallia and Skycar Make Time Stand Still

Skycar stopped time with the help of Medallia and Kaleidoscope Cafe, a local Point Richmond coffee shop. Our amazing talent performed the Mannequin Challenge admirably while our Steadicam weaved among them. The goal was to illustrate the countless signals gathered at any millisecond. We then rewound time to illustrate how the otherwise unfortunate scene would turn out differently with Medallia’s help. This film played as the opening keynote film for Experience ’19 and now serves as Medallia’s new anthem video.

Adobe GDPR

We Made It Simple to Be GDPR Compliant

Adobe asked us to take a tough concept – GDPR, a set of regulations that affect how online companies collect and share consumer data – and illustrate it in a video. We chose an animated approach that utilizes colorful symbols and iconography in a playful way, to help make an otherwise complex topic interesting, light, and approachable!

No Smoke. No Mirrors. No Sound Guy.

Skycar took to the wind-swept hills of Nicasio, California to showcase the After Effects feature Content Aware. With a gorgeous scenery backdrop and actors in full period costume, we developed a fresh take on Golden Age Hollywood film endings. In post-production, we used a before and after approach to show how Content Aware quickly removes imperfections. And, thanks to caffeine, we went from shoot to final delivery in just one week.

Photoshop for iPad

High resolution, multi-layered, effects-laden images were once only possible in Photoshop for the desktop. For the much anticipated PS for the iPad launch, Adobe asked us to shoot, build, and animate a complex image that appears to be in the typical Photoshop UI, but hey look at that – It’s on the iPad!

Our New Series Celebrates Facebook’s Success

Skycar partnered with Facebook to create a series about how Facebook Business helps its business customers get more views, clicks, and revenue. In seven short films, we illustrated and animated character-based case studies in Facebook’s signature style. These success stories playfully highlight how the platform has helped real businesses from every industry reach a larger and more targeted audience.

View the Facebook SMB Series here