Skycar Creative is a moving picture company focused on cinematic live-action & design-driven motion graphics, led by Jane Selle Morgan & Aaron Barry. For more details about what we do & how we do it… see our Capabilities Sheet

Our Team

  • Aaron Barry

    Creative Director / Founder

    Aaron builds and leads creative projects for Fortune 100 companies and global agencies, concepting and art directing in styles ranging from cel animation, to comedy, to CG-integrated live-action. One of his lifelong fears is encountering expired dairy products.

  • Jane Selle Morgan

    EP / Director / Founder

    Jane directs comedy and "pretty picture" commercials with crews from 5 to 50 while keeping large rosters of clients happy with her infectious optimism and humor*. A born performer, when she didn't make the school cheerleading squad she moved on to be captain of the baton twirlers. Photos upon request.                                                 *(Jane wants you to know she didn't write this!)

  • Carlos Escoto


    Carlos is an animator and artist who believes that the lightest roast wins. He says he much prefers his current commute on 580 to the non-stop, IED laden trip from Kuwait to Baghdad he did in '03. The current danger he lives with is deep diving into pixels and key frames for animations, from which he always manages to make it back out with his signature bright smile.

  • Kyle McKee

    Production Coordinator

    Kyle is a talented photographer/filmmaker who can be found coordinating in the Skycar shop, framing behind the camera, or even mugging in front of it. You might recognize him from the toy aisle when he was the face on the box of the childhood classic Slip'N Slide.

  • Jasper Sharp

    IT / Post-Production Specialist

    Jasper comes from a family of artists and does deep-dive research in a tiny office under the stairs at Skycar (where we’re pretty sure he has met John Malkovich).

  • Domino

    Shop Dog

    Domino is a very good shop dog when he's not snacking on critical ethernet cables. Luckily, he’s cute.