Moving picture studio focused on cinematic
live action & design-driven graphics.

  • Aaron Barry

    Creative Director / Founder

    Aaron Barry

    Aaron builds and leads creative projects for Fortune 100 companies and global agencies, conceptualizing and art directing in styles ranging from cel animation, to comedy, to CG-integrated live-action. One of his lifelong fears is encountering expired dairy products at close range.

  • Jane Selle Morgan

    EP / Director / Founder

    Jane Selle Morgan

    Jane directs comedy and “pretty picture” films with crews from 5 to 50 while keeping large rosters of clients happy with her bad jokes and awkward amounts of enthusiasm. She did stand up, like twice. Don’t worry, it went really well.

  • Andy Miller

    Senior Producer

    Andy Miller

    Andy is an award winning filmmaker who has been making beautiful documentary content with major brands and social impact clients for years. He’s a California native with limitless energy and optimism – with a ‘can do’ for any situation. Oh, but please don’t ask him to wear white socks.

  • James Curtis


    James Curtis

    James is a super talented keyframe slinger, drone designer and pilot. He refuses to reveal his secret source for Korean BBQ Kettle chips and seems to have never had a bad day – it’s the weirdest thing.

  • Andrei Valladolid

    Editor / Post Production Specialist

    Andrei Valladolid

    Andrei is a man of few words but many talents. In addition to having wicked editorial chops and technical intuition, he has a black belt in Karate, is an avid rock climber, and accidentally learned Portuguese by binge-watching Brazilian films for a year.

  • Mike McAfee

    Operations Coordinator

    Mike McAfee

    Mike serves as the chief snack procurer for the shop. He also performs equally critical duties, such as processing invoices and coordinating payroll. Outside the office, you will likely find him making art, concocting delicious homebrew recipes, or hanging out with his dog.

  • Kyle McKee


    Kyle McKee

    Kyle is a talented photographer/filmmaker who can be found coordinating in the Skycar shop, framing behind the camera, or even mugging in front of it. You might recognize him from the toy aisle when he was the face on the box of the childhood classic Slip’N Slide.

  • Domino

    Shop Dog


    Domino is a very good shop dog when he’s not snacking on critical ethernet cables. Luckily, he’s cute.